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Zhangjiajie will be full of tourists in National Holiday

Based on the booking of hotels in Zhangjiajie,this national holiday will be very busy in this city About 60% hotels have been booked before September 13rd,and most of the hotels have raised up their room price on the website

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Zhangjiajie gives discount tickets to the tourists who fly to this city

To attract more tourists to visit Zhangjiajie,the government of Zhangjiajie city takes a new policy for the tourists who fly to Zhangjiajie

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Zhangjiajie tourists is ten thousands a day in summer vacation

Because of the COVID-19, tourism was heavily affected all over the world, Zhangjiajie is tourism city,the economy rely on tourism very much The COVID-19 just like a cloud on everybody head until summer holiday

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No new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were reported in Hunan

During the 24 hours of June 2, no new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were reported in Hunan There were no new cases out of quarantine There were no people under medical observation  

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Zhangjiajie Tour Club will promote some new products in the COVID 19 pandemic

Because of the COVID 19, all the tourists are afraid of staying together with many people, if they want to have a tour,most of people worried about crowded or standing in a line,so they prefer to find a peaceful place to visit

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