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We are back home (we actually live in Kenya). We absolutely loved our trip in China.  We were very impressed with China as a whole, particularly its beauty and the pride the Chinese take in their country.  If you send me some links, I would be happy to give good reviews for your tour company.  I think the single thing you can do to get more foreigners to book with your company to have a stronger online presence outside of your own website.  Your company had better prices than other companies that I got quotes from, but I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t have enough evidence that you were a good company.  If someone searches your company you want to make sure that other websites (like trip advisor) besides your own, come up with creditable reviews of your services.  I found a couple reviews, but it was very hard, I was still a little nervous. 
I would absolutely recommend you and your company for the following reasons;
●You didn’t ask for all the money up front; a 10% deposit was reasonable. You weren’t too pushy about payment, which made me trust you more.
You were flexible when planning the itinerary, and didn’t “nickel and dime” me with every cost.
Your tour guides were very attentive and went above and beyond and they didn’t try to get us to do things we didn’t want to do (like visit tourist shops, etc)  I felt like they worked in our best interest, and not their own.
You organized our time wisely.  I felt like we used the time we had prudently. 
Here are recommendations I would give to improve the experience;
The first hotel we stayed in was no good.  It was really dirty, and the breakfast was really bad.
The tour guides should be prepared to give multiple dinner suggestions.  Both tour guides only recommended one restaurant when we asked to get good local food. We would have like to try something new, and get a different experience.  
Andrew helped us order which was extremely helpful and much appreciated.  Leo didn’t offer to help us order.
In retrospect,  we wished we would have made time to go to the top of tianmen mountain.  We may have chosen this if we were more informed.  Many people rely on a tour company to give them the best experience of the area, and don’t want to research for themselves what is truly the best. I would recommend you give your customer more descriptions (with pictures) and options, then they can choose with more information.
Again, overall I would definitely recommend your tour company.  I just wanted to give you suggestions to improve your business and get more customers.  Please send me links to Facebook and your page on trip advisor and I will certainly write you positive reviews and upload pictures.
Thank you very much for sharing you beautiful country with me and and my family.  We absolutely loved it!

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