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Zhangjiajie--a stunning world(travel with Zhangjiajie Tour Club)
It is really out of our expectation when we arrived in Zhangjiajie, this is such a beautiful place that you will never forget!
Zhangjiajie has abundance travel resource and unique culture, thanks to our guide Jeffery, who is from Zhangjiajie Tour Club, we really had a wonderful trip in Zhangjiajie.
Wulingyuan is a small downtown and near to the entrance of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park( there are 4 entrances to the park,and most travelers choose this one in WulingYuan, so there are a lot of hotels and leisure places to enjoy), These places are the must visit place when you are in Wulingyuan, Wulingyuan has 4 parts: Suoxi Vally, including Tianzishan and Yuanjiajie, Boafeng lake, Yellow Dragon Cave and Zhangjiajie Great Canyon, Tianzishan is really a stunning place, with thousand of pillars, the most well-known scenic spots are The West Sea, Helong Park and Shengtang Bay, there are seldom travellers to Shengtang Bay, we book this hiking tour through Zhangjiajie Tour Club, so the trip advisor especially arranged this itinerary for us, Shengtang Bay can keep you away from the noisy groups, but the scenery is really really spectacular, the Words are poor to describe the beauty! Yuanjiajie is also called AVATAR Mountain, all of us were so happy to see the Hallelujah mountain,very nice!
Baofeng Lake is just ordinary, no special, it is a lake, located on the top of mountains, our guide said this was also the movie AVATAR film shooting place--the Baofeng Warterfall, but I think the waterfall is not natural---half man-made. 30 minutes in the lake, just take the boat and the scenery is not as good as the national forest park. the most unforgettable thing is a girl in local clothe, singing local songs on a nice boat.
Yellow Dragon is a nice cave, it is so big that we need to take the boat to get inside, our guide told us that the cave has 3 floor, but we just explored 2 floors, the lowest floor is full of water. Yellow Dragon Cave is a underground world, with a lot of colorful lights and stalactites, we spent 2 hours in the cave, one thing should bear into your mind: you'd better follow your guide when you are in the cave, there are so many ways inside and it is very easy for you to lost your way, what's more, there is no signal in the cave and you cannot use your phone.
Zhangjiajie Great Canyon is a little far away from Wulingyuan Downtown, 50 minutes bus riding, but it is a worth place to visit, first, our driver took us to the top of a mountain, then we entered the valley, there are more than 1000 steps to get down, it is exciting when you have a walking on the steps, there is a sliding road on the half of step path, but you need pay more 23RMB/PAX if you want to experience it, it will remind you of your childhood when you take the sliding road, just have fun like a child!
We enjoyed all days in Zhangjiajie, at the same time, thanks to Zhangjiajie Tour Club that we had such a good time in Zhangjiajie.

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