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Zhangjiajie is a newly developing international tourism city, each year more than 30 million visitors come to Zhangjiajie from the whole world to enjoy the spectacular sceneries. Zhangjiajie not only has abundant natural tourism resources, such as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, Baofeng Lake, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, but also possesses unique local culture. If you want to visit some of them ,you need to figure out how to be there first and go smooth between Zhangjiajie scenic areas .It is complicated! Here I am glad to help you with that.

1.From the airport to Wulingyuan:  (You can arrive at Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain).

After arriving, walking out of airport by right side,taking No.4 bus (1CNY/per.off time 19:00-20:00).About 5 minutes to be Dachengshanshui hotel,then switch to bus between Wulingyuan and Zhangjiajie city(12CNY/per).About 30 minutes to be bus station of Wulingyuan.Swich to a taxi to the entrance (to Tianzi mountain,Bailong elevator,Yuanjiajie).5 minutes. Or ,10 to 15 minutes of walking to be entrance.

Take taxi is not a good choice,they usually overcharge.

You can book a car in advance ,that is much easier.

2.From the airport  to National Forest Park: (visit Yellow Stone Village, Yaozi Village and Golden Whip Stream).

After arriving, take No.4 bus ,get off at Dachengshanshui hotel, switch to bus between National park and Zjj city(11 CNY/per).About 40 minutes to get to National Park Parking Lot. 2 more minutes walking can  reach to entrance.You can visit Yellow stone village ,Golden whip stream.

It is also better to book a car than take taxi.

3.From the airport to Zhangjiajie city downtown:

Take No.4 bus(1 CNY/per) at day time.

Take taxi,around 30-40 CNY.Driver  usually do not meter and overcharge,counter-offer is necessary .

Book a car .

4.From Zjj train station/bus station to Wulingyuan (bus station is nearby train station):

Take shuttle bus of Wulingyuan( 12CNY/per ).About 40 minutes,reach to Wulingyuan bus station.After getting off, 10-15 minutes of walking to the Wulingyuan entrance ,or take a taxi(within 10CNY),5 minutes.

Take a taxi,about 30 minutes,within 120 CNY-150 CNY.

Book a car from Zhangjiajie Tour Club is also a good chioce.

5.From train /bus station to National Forest Park:(visit Yellow Stone Village, Yaozi Village and Golden Whip Stream).

Take shuttle bus of National Forest Park(11CNY/per).About 40 minutes riding,reach to National Forest Park Parking Lot. Two more minutes walking can be arrive in National Forst Park entrance.

Take a taxi,30 minutes,100-120CNY

or book a car from Zhangjiajie Tour Club  to pick up you.

6.From Zjj train /bus station to Zjj downtown:

 No.6 bus(1 CNY/per) is a good choice.It can take you to most of the popular places,such as hotels,  supermarkets and so on .

Take a taxi,about 15-25CNY

No need to book a van.

7.From Zjj down town to Zjj National Forest Park: (visit Yellow Stone Village, Yaozi Village and Golden Whip Stream).

Take No.6 bus(1CNY/per) to bus station first and transfer to shuttle bus between Zhangjiajie city to National park entrance(11CNY/per),about 40 mimutes

Take a taxi (100-120CNY),about 30 minutes

Rent a van from Zhangjiajie Tour Club.

8.From Zjj down town to Wulingyuan entrance: (You can arrive at Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain).

The same as No.7 bus,but take shuttle bus(12CNY/per) between Zhangjiajie city to Wulingyuan bus station.Then ,take a taxi (with 10CNY),or 15 minutes walking.

9.From Zjj down town area to Tianmen mountain:

Tianmen mountain is located in Zhangjiajie City. Take No.10 bus(1CNY/per) , you would't mist it. Or take a taxi, within 20CNY, no matter where you are.

10.From Zjj National Forest Park to Yellow Dragon Cave:

Take shuttle bus between Zjj National Forest Park and Wulingyuan,10CNY/per. But it is working during peak season time(may to october).

Arrive in Wulingyuan,Transfer to No.1 bus, the last destination is Yellow Dragon Cave.

Take a taxi,around 50CNY--80CNY.

11.From Wulingyuan to Yellow Dragon Cave:

Take No.1 bus, the last destination is Yellow Dragon Cave.

Take a taxi,15 minute,about 30CNY

12.From Wulingyuan entrance to Baofeng Lake:

Take No.2 bus(1CNY/per),15 to 20 minutes.Or ,take  a taxi,10 to 15CNY .Drivers usually do not meter.

13. From Wulingyuan to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon:

Take shuttle bus in Wulingyuan Bus Station, about 35 minutes to get to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, 15CNY.
Take a taxi, 150CNY.

14.From Zhangjiajie to Jiangya Spa Resort:

Take a taxi to Guanghe shopping mall of Zhangjiajie city.Then take the shuttle bus to Jiangya spa resort(16CNY/PER).

15.From Zhangjiajie downtown to Maoyan River Drift, Jiutian Cave:

Package tour in Zhangjiajie city is much easier. Or rent a van and a tour guide .

16.From Zhangjiajie to Mengdong River Drift:

Package tour or rent a van and a tour guide.

17.From Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang:

Take bus at 8:30 or 14:30 at Zhangjiajie bus station ,directly to Fenghuang.Or take bus/train to Jishou first,swich to shuttle bus from Jizhou to Fenghuang. Around 4 hours on the way.

18.From Wulingyuan to Fenghuang:

Take shuttle bus at Wulingyuan bus station at 8:30 or 14:30.4.5 hours on the way. around 5 hours on the way or you can book transportation service from Zhangjiajie Tour Club.

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