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You must read everywhere that "you can not say that you visited Zhangjiajie without visiting Yellow Stone Village”when you are in Zhangjiajie. So Yellow Stone Village is the must-visit place when you visit this park? Yellow Stone Village is the earliest developed scenic spots in Zhangjiajie, in 1990s, there were olny 2 places you can enjoy in the park: Golden Whip Stream and Yellow Stone Village. and Yellow Stone Village is the place you cannot miss when you are in Zhangjiajie. But nowadays, there are more than 6 scenic spots you can explore in the park, especially after building Bailong Elevator and Tianzi Cable car, more and more visitors go to Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain to see the spectacular natural sceneries, what's more, Yuanjiajie  is the inspiration for Hallelujah Mountain in AVATAR, which makes it more and more popular in China, even in the whole world, a lot of people go to Yuanjiajie to see AVATAR Mountain. At the same time, the sceneries in Yuanjiajie is almost the same with Yellow Stone Village, so people often drop off Yellow Stone Village after visiting Yuanjaijie.

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