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Zhangjiajie has two Train Stations,one is Zhangjiajie Railway Station(张家界站),another one is Zhangjiajie West Railway Station(张家界西站).It has about 10KM distance between each other,here is the difference between these two stations.
The difference between Zhangjiajie West Railway Station and Zhangjiajie Station
1.Zhangjiajie Railway Station(张家界站): This station was built in 2008,and located in Guanli Road,Yongding District,Zhangjiajie City,this is a old train station and most of the trains passby are ordinary trains,the speed is not very fast.Because of the openning of West Station last year, only few trains pass this station now.
The difference between Zhangjiajie West Railway Station and Zhangjiajie Station
2.Zhangjiajie West Railway Station(张家界西站): This is a new train station in Zhangjiajie,it was open until 2019,located in Wulingshan Road,Shadi Street,Yongding District,Zhangjiajie City. This station is a high speed train station,most of the trains passby are bullet train. Meanwhile,The railway of Zhangjihuai bullet train is reading to open next year,more and more bullet trains will come to Zhangjiajie and drop off in this station.

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