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Langshan Danxia Landform

Langshan Mountain is one of China's National Geological Parks famous for its unique Danxia landform-literally means "Crimson Glow", which is a rare topographic feature in the world. Huge rocks of dark red color of grotesque shapes present tourists a marvelous sight. It is located in Xinning County, about 500km away from Changsha, capital of Hunan province. In the south Langshan Mountain is connected with Guilin, in the north it echoes Zhangjiajie. Covering an area of 108 square kilometers, Langshan Mountain has rich natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. There are more than 500 scenic spots in Langshan Mountain. Among which the most famous are Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Zixia Cave, Fuyi River, Innate Bridge, Octagonal Castle, Emperor Xun Forest Park and Xicun Ancient Dwelling.   
In 2008, Langshan Mountain was nominated as World Nature Heritage. In august, 2009, some experts of World Nature Heritage came here for site inspection, and the mountain is expected to be a World Nature Heritage in next July. If this comes true, Langshan Mountain will be the second World Nature Heritage in Hunan after Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie.  
The name of Langshan comes from an ancient legend. It is said that when Shun, the name of a legendary monarch in ancient China, passed by the mountain, he found the mountains and rivers here were so wonderful, so he entitled the mountain with a Chinese character ―Lang‖, meaning good mountains, 
Langshan Danxia landform and the evolution of its climate and creatures are representatives of the Earth evolution history in Southeast Asia since the Cretaceous, and also represent the crust evolution process and the ancient environment change of southeast China in 100 million years. So, it is supposed to be the excellent example of the main stage of geo-evolution history. 
Langshan Mountain is the ideal location for evergreen broadleaf forest in subtropics moist region, where mainly dominated by ―isolated island of ecology" phenomena and narrow habitat. It is a region that has integrated phases of Danxia plant community; it is a distinctive habitat region that to record the cooperated evolution relationship between angiosperm and animals; it is a terrific model and experimental field that to make comprehensive study on biologic diversity.  
There are ―six wonders‖–the most famous scenery spots-in Langshan Mountain. The first wonder is Tianyi Lane, whose original name is Ox Nose Castle. Because there is a lot of Ox nose shaped stone holes in the crag. But the innate stone lane is the main feature of this scenic spot. It represents the classic characteristics of Danxia landform. So in year 2004, changed name to Tianyi Lane. Tianyi Lane is a marvelous lane in the world which only the God has power to create. The lane is 238.8 meters in length, and stone in two sides is more than 120 meters in height. The widest of lane is just 0.8 meters while the narrowest is 0.33 meters. When you walk along the lane you must shudder because everywhere is dark and the chilliness is coming upon you. But when there is sunshine gleaming on the stone wall, the marvelous and colorful ray panorama can be seen above. You have to marvel at nature's masterpiece.
The second is Octagonal Castle, which is called the soul of Langshan Mountain. It is famous for its fantastic and mysterious scenery. The best time to visit Octagonal Castle is when there is light mist. The mist braces the peaks below, which seems the whales paddling in the ocean. The mist rises slowly from below and kisses you, and it seems you are in fairyland and forget you are a human being. The highest peak of Octagonal Castle is more than 818 meters high. It erects directly without any peaks around. The strangest is that there is a clean spring on top of this peak! You must wonder at nature's masterpieces! 
The third is General Rock, which stands 75 meters high, showing a majestic-looking. 
The fourth is Camel peak. It consists of four stone summits. Each stone represents camel's head, body, ridge and tail respectively. Seeing far away, it is like a huge camel galloping in the wild field. On the side of camel peak there stands Candle Peak. It was said the candle lights the way for the camel during the night. 
The fifth is the Innate Bridge, which is called the first bridge in the Asia. The bridge is 64 meters long, 14 meters wide and 20 meters high. Its magnificent arc shape likes a rainbow over the sky. 
The last wonder is Chilli Peak Scenic Spot. It is the most marvelous peak in Langshan Mountain. It is 180 meters in height, the top is big and the bottom is small. Its shape is exactly like a mature Chilli soaring among hills. In 2002, the Spiderman Alain Robert successfully challenged the Chilli Peak. 
Long stay in city and surrounded by skyscrapers, it is even rare to see and enjoy sunshine. Tired of city uproar, it is human's instinct yearning for pastoral life to release depression. Langshan is a good resort to make your dream come true. 

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