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The fairy fox lady show
The fairy fox lady show 
The fairy fox lady show--a love story between a fox lady and a poor man, is known as the world’s first real-scene musical drama with the high mountains and deep valleys  as the stage background. The director of the show is MeishuaiYuan, who is the founder of  Real-Scene performance in China. 
With the whole Tianmen Mountain as a stage, you can listen to sweet singings, admire colorful lighting scene, and experience the strong folk custom of Tujia and Miao minorities when you are enjoying the show. Since this open-air drama is only performed at night, when the weather gets cold you had better bring a coat to enjoy it.
Performance time: 8:30-10:00 PM
Address: Tianmen Mountain Valley Theater.
Transportation: Take NO.5 or 9 bus from the Tianmen Cablecar Station to the theater,10 minutes riding.
Ticket Price: 238RMB/PAX, VIP is 588RMB/PAX and the super VIP is 888RMB/PAX.
The Activities and Shows in Zhangjiajie
The Charming of Xiangxi Dance Show
The Charming of Xiangxi Dance Show is a must see show when you come to Zhangjiajie, it is about the colorful local culture. There are two performances together,one is inside the theater and another is a bonfire part outside.The shows are varied and deeply explore the mystery and unique minority life.
Performance time: 8 o'clock in the evening, sometimes 2 performances in the peak seasons.
Address: Huanjuan Road, Wulingyuan Area, near to Pullman Hotel.
Ticket price: 238RMB/PAX, the VIP ticket is 398RMB/PAX.
The Activities and Shows in Zhangjiajie
Torch festival of Bai People (one of the minority in Zhang Jiajie)
This torch festival hold by Bai People in Zhangjiajie area is related to the elimination of destructive insects and protection of crops. As evening came, the Bai people light many torches at home and take them to a same outdoor space. They make a big bonfire with the torches there and step over the fire againand again, earnestly hoping that The God of fire will help them drive out the evil spirits and avoid disaster.
The Activities and Shows in Zhangjiajie
Enjoy the Local Songs in the Scenic Areas
There are a lot of singing performance platform in national park,7 to 8 Tujia girls with nationality clothes sing songs for travellers, one song charges for 10RMB. The best place to listen to the local songs is the Yangjiajie, a couple of lover,born in Zhangjiajie, sing all kinds of Tujia Nationality songs for you. you also can see the singing performance platform in Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake and Tianzi Mountain.
The Activities and Shows in Zhangjiajie
Lunar June 6 of Tujia
Tujia call June six "Tan Robe". Women like to ted all of the cloth out, just like moving their house. And some of them wish they can remove the tile to ted the whole house. They think that the cloth tedded on that day will not go mould and remain new at all seasons. There is a legend. QingGou, a Hunan MaoGang officer, was confronted by danger on that day. He would be put to death by dismembering his body. On the execution ground, Qing Gou was angered with glaring wide open eyes. And when the executioner was getting to work, nine gold dragons flying out of his body, then the sun was dimmed and it was dark all round immediately. Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor, was scared to faint on the ground from the golden chair, and then hurrily climbed up to pray to god. At the same time, he ordered to dry up the body and plunge into Qing Gou's appearance, putting him on the throne for seven days every year. Tujia people grabbed the arm robe sanguined by Qing' blood, then washed and dried it for shrine, calling it "Tan Robe".

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