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Miao Silver

As a cultural phenomenon, Silver ornament was ever welcomed by many nationalities in the history, particularly the Miao nationality, wherever they are, silver ornaments are always considered as the light-spot and human landscape of them. The Miao nationality uses the silver ornaments in many ways, but mainly in three aspects: Firstly, they use it for tokens of love. Men should give bracelets, earrings, necklace to their lovers as tokens. Secondly, giving it to the new-born child. Children are parents' hope, and the silver ornaments such as hat, hand bracelet, feet bracelet, silver bells and "Rohan" buddha are often made of new silvers, which means longevity with wealth and honor, and avoiding evil things. Thirdly ,it is used for blessing the elderly for longevity and mourning them when they died. Often, some old men keep the silver ornaments in private when they are alive, so no one will know where the silvers are when they died. Now, our compatriots of Miao nationality are still using silvers with a large number in the border area of Hunan and Guizhou province.
Silver ornaments of Miao nationality consist of head-wears, plastrons, hand-wears, formal wears and children's hats, and all of these are made delicately. It is said that they have experienced a long history. The silver ornaments not only represent a world of magnificence and colorfulness, but also a spiritual world of abundant connotation with their various kinds, beautiful model and delicate craftsmanship. In Fenghuang ancient city, there are various kinds of goods of unique design and novelty type now. If you are interested in it, you can bring some back, because the price of the silver ornament is not expensive and it gives a decent feeling when wearing it, so, it will be the best one to greet relatives. But if you intend to buy the real Miao silvers, you had better buy them from the woman who is at an old age in Miao area, often called"a po" in Chinese. Often, they have it. However, you may be very difficult to meet such a woman. But you can take a chance in the market day.

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