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The Summary introduction of Zhangjiajie transportation
In the past Zhangjiajie has been renowned as the bright pearl of northwestern Hunan Province. However, development in this area has lagged behind because of poor communication. Nowadays with the support of the central government, Zhangjiajie city has undergone great improvements through the construction of new infrastructure including highways, railways and an airport.

Zhangjiajie Lotus(Hehua) Airport
Zhangjiajie Lotus(Hehua) Airport, located at Hehua Village, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie, has flights that fly between Zhangjiajie and twenty-odd major cities in China. Since Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province are better equipped in terms of means of transportation, tourists in other cities can fly to Changsha Airport first and then to Zhangjiajie. Transportation between Changsha and Zhangjiajie is convenient.
Airport Code: DYG
Airport Inquiries: 0744-8238294/8238417
Airport Ticket Office: 0744-8238293
Airport Flight Consulting: 0744-8220128/8227493
Transportation from the Airport to the Downtown Area
1. By City-Bus
Bus No.: No.4
Ticket fare: CNY1
Operating hours: 08:00~18:00
2. By taxi
Taxi fare to downtown:
In the daytime, CNY15-20
In the evening, CNY30
Taxi fare to scenic area:
The Summary introduction of Zhangjiajie transportation
Zhangjiajie Train Station
Tourist trains between Zhangjiajie and about a dozen cities in China have been put in use. At the station there are buses 24 hours that goes to the downtown areas.
However, it should be noted that in Zhangjiajie booking train tickets to other cities can be very challenging work since so many people come here for sightseeing,but you can ask your guide for help, there are many service centers booking ticket for travellers, it is just need 5 to 30 yuan service fee.
Train Station Inquiry Desk: 0744-8512112
Transportation from Train Station to the Downtown Area:
1. By City-Bus
Bus No.: No.6
Ticket fare: CNY1
Operating hours: 08:00~18:00
2. By taxi
Taxi fare to downtown:
Taxi fare to scenic area:
At the railway station square, there may be lots of people promote things to you, such as hotels, tour packages and car rental, you should hold on those situations, to avoid troubles, do not following them.
The Summary introduction of Zhangjiajie transportation
Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station
Long-Distance Bus
Beside the train station, the Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station has buses that go to many large and medium-sized cities of China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Changsha etc. What's more, here you can take buses that head for the surrounding scenic spots, such as Wulingyuan, Suoxi Valley and Phoenix Town etc.
Every half an hour, there is a bus from Changsha West Bus Station(About 100 meters on the left of Changsha Train Station) to Zhangjiajie. It takes about 4 hours to Zhangjiajie, the bus fare is about CNY100-120.
Fenghuang North Bus Station to Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station. It is about 4 hours drive, bus fare is CNY65.
Fenghuang to Wulingyuan Tickets Station, Zhangjiajie. Bus fare is CNY72.
Starting from changsha, go on Changsha-Changde and Changde-Zhangjiajie highway, about 320km, highway toll is about CNY200, it takes about 2.5-3.5 hours.
You can not enter the scenic area by self-driving. You should park your car outside of the tickets station of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park or Wulingyuan, then transfer to the green bus.
It is not recommended to go to the scenic area by self-driving. The scenic area is huge, usually people start the trip at one ticket station, and come out at another ticket station. It's not convenient to get your car. Besides, 
the parking fee(about CNY50/car) is really expensive at the gate of the scenic area.
Local Transportation
City Bus
Bus No.: No.1-10, there are mainly 10 bus lines in the down town.
Operating hours: 06:00~20:30
Bus fare: CNY1
Starting fare in the daytime: CNY5
Starting fare in the evening(22:00-07:00): CNY6
Take a taxi from the downtown to the core landscape area often charges CNY100.
Complaints Hotline: 0744-8202020
Tourism Shuttle Bus
You can take tourism shuttle bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park or Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It takes about 35-40 minutes, bus fare is CNY12.
Green Bus in Scenic Area
There are many green buses in the scenic area, the bus fare has been included in the entrance ticket you buy.
Operating hours: 07:00~17:00
Frequency: Every 20 minutes
Sections: LaoMoWan-HuangShi Village cableway down station; Wulingyuan Ticket Station-Tianzi Mountain cableway down station-Ten Miles Gallery-ShuiRaoSiMen; ShuiRaoSiMen-Bailong Elevator down station; Bailong Elevator upper station-Back garden of Yuanjiajie; Yuanjiajie parking-Tianzi Mountain parking; parking of Helong Park-Tianzi Mountain cableway upper station.
Note: In winter, the road to the top of mountain will be icing up, the green bus can't get to the top of mountain, so the grand platform and Yangjaijie can not be reached.
Inquiry Hotline: 0744-5555555

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