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Mengdong River Rafting Mengdong River Rafting
The Mengdong River Scenic Zone is in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan, the birthplace of the Tujia nationality. Rivers flow from west to east and there are scattered lakes in the south and north. This configuration provides good conditions for Drifting tours. There are rapid streams, dangerous shoals and calm rivers. The drifting covers about 47km. The river flows through steep country with high cliffs and deep valleys. The waterway is narrow and the flow is rapid which makes the tour exciting. 

2 hours drive from Zhangjiajie city, Rafting usually take 3 hours. Wide calm river section take another 3 hours ending at Furong town that's well preserved old town famous for its old streets and stilted houses, it is worth visit. Tourists can see many Tujia style houses which are on stilts in the water at both banks. There are also the Xizhou bronze pillars, important cultural relics under the key protection of the state in the ancient town of Furong on the lower reaches of the river. You'll thrill to the excitement of the major rapids of the Mengdong River; there are a few of the rapids that get your heart pounding. The rapids are interspersed with calm stretches, which give you a chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Gentle rapids carve a pathway through mountains and provide plenty of chance to swim, spot wildlife, take the fried the river fish, and just relax.
On the drifting boat, seeing mountains on both sides passing quickly and the stream rolling on with roars, one feels as if they were dropping to the deep valley from the sky, or jumping to the air from the ground, or galloping on horse backs, or riding clouds and mist. With great admiration, one feels shocked first and then delighted. The drifting is extraordinarily thrilling and one will never forget it!
Below are suggested items you should bring for your trip. You will enjoy your trip more if you are prepared for varying weather conditions.  
Always Bring:
Swimsuit shorts wool sweaters or synthetic fleece wool socks windbreaker jacket and pants, footwear that can get wet (plus a dry pair for after your trip) dry clothes and towel. 
Sunny Days 
Sun screen sunglasses baseball cap or visor.
Cool weather 
synthetic long johns wool hat and glovesWet Suit
Cotton is not recommended (this includes jeans and sweatshirts) when it is wet it robs your body of heat and is unsuitable for physical activity. Synthetic clothing is the best.

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