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Fenghuang City Fenghuang City
A famous Chinese writer ShenCongWen once described the Ancient Phoenix Town as the following: "If you look at an old map, you can find a tiny spot named “ZhenGan” in Chinese. It is located in a remote corner of northern Guizhou, eastern Sichuan and western Hunan. That tiny spot has a city just like any other tiny spots have. This city has a population of three or five thousand...... "This is the Ancient Phoenix Town with a layer of mystery.

The ancient city of Phoenix      
Phoenix was ranked the NO.101 historical and cultural city by the Chinese State Council in December 17, 2001. It is located near the Tuojiang River and surrounded by mountains. A well-known New Zealand writer, Louis Alley has praised Phoenix as the most beautiful tiny city in China. The ancient city is known for its beautiful scenery, long history and many historical sites. In the city, there are many stone city streets, ancient city walls and many ancient yards of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Outside the city, there is the famous Tuojiang River whose water is very clear and pure. You will not only see the ship shadow under the water but also hear the sound of a slurry boat. On the shore, someone is singing folk songs, and others are ready to response. What a peace and lovely tiny town!

You can read the Ancient Phoenix Town in ShenCongwen’s books. You can see the city’s image in the famous paintings by a great Chinese painter HuangYongyu. You can also hear it in the songs by Song Zuying, a well –known Chinese folk singer. The ancient city of Phoenix is obviously ​​a colorful place full of humanistic culture which passing from generation to generation. The beautiful land feed the people, therefore, people in there has outstanding personality. One of China’s greatest masters portrayed his homeland — “the ancient Phoenix city” in his book, as a poem, a picture, a dream and a song .This book was called The Border Town.It was  a soul-stirring book written in simple words .Because of the book, this small l town is now well known in the world.  
Fenghuang City Fenghuang City    
The colorful culture is the basis of the charming Phoenix. The mother river Tuojiang go across this ancient town;  And the ancient streets are next to water and mountains. Walking along the river and taking a step on the ancient dragon streets in the South Mountain Forest Park have becoming a necessary for tourists. What’s more, nowadays, the East Main Street is a great attraction to people. As a result, it is full of tourists. It is such a good place that whenever people go there, they are reluctant to go back home.

The booming tourism industry in Phoenix have been lasted for more than decades .There are also many other tourist spots which have been developed in the past days, such as the village tour in MiaoZhai ,the bonfire party, the Southern Great Wall ,the natural wonders Qiliang Dong ,the Simon Gorge rafting and so on .Besides visiting the ancient town of Phoenix, having a Miao village tours and watching a evening campfire also become a necessary for many visitors.     
Although the Phoenix Ancient Town is not very big, it is still the most aspiring tourist destination for many visitors. On the other hand, it is also the second home of many people. This ancient city has been waiting for you for a thousand years. This is such a fascinated place that you cannot miss. 

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