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●Step on the view platform, view the peerless scenery
Three thousand strange peaks and eight hundred great water,all the sceneries give travelers a very stunning visual effects, words are poor to describe the beauty of Zhangjiajie, wanna see the real pandora world? All places you are going to visit are the shooting places for the movie AVATAR!
Enjoy great sunrises, feel the miraculous nature
Tired of those regular itineraries? Come and join the most popular sunrise tour in Zhangjiajie. Watching the sunrise above the clouds at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique and memorable experience, it is truly an awesome place to watch the clear night sky and stars fade away as the sun lights up the sky and earth.
Walk along the Golden Whip Stream, traveling in a pictorial world
Golden Whip Stream, famous for its pristine water, verdant mountains, free oxygen, steep cliffs and serene valley, covers a distance of 7.5 km from north to south, it has been called "The Most Beautiful Valley in the World".
Explore the pillar-like formations, shooting the floating rocks
The most notable geographic features of Zhangjiajie's park are the pillar-like formations that are seen throughout the park. It is known for its exquisite forests, odd-shaped peaks and rocks, the beautiful canyons, the limestone caves, and the breath-taking panoramic views. As the first state-level forest park in China, it has been described differently, such as, majestic, eccentric, tranquil, delicate and wild.
Eat the unique local food, taste the Hunan cuisine
Zhangjiajie local food belongs to the Hunan cuisine series of eight main dishes departments of China, but it has its unique characteristics: strong liquor and spicy flavor, some of dishes are very famous and good tasting. For example, "group new year's dish", pig blood bean curd, Hezha, flesh of acid fish, loaches in bean curd, the black-boned chicken soup with elevated gastrodia, and so on.
Take the Tianmen cableway, soar into the sky
Tianmen Mountain Cableway the longest passenger cableway in the world with a length of 7200 meters and a height gap of 1277 meters. The local gradient from the middle station to the upper station is as high as 37 degrees, which is rare in the world. Tourists marvel at it, which is worth the title of the Top Highway Wonder in the World.
Visit Yellow Dragon Cave, discovery the mysterious underground
With an area of 100,000 square meters, length of 7.6 kilometers, height of 140 meters, two underground rivers, four waterfalls, 13 caverns and 10,000 stalagmites and stalactites, it is a huge limestone cave. Experts from UNESCO said that Yellow Dragon Cave is the most beautiful cave in the world and it is unbelievable that there is so long Underground River in the cave. 
Walk in Phoenix Ancient Town, experience the romantic and deep culture
Hemmed in by rolling mountains and watered by a smoothly flowing river, flagstone streets, rows of traditional wooden houses built on stilts, towers, bridges everywhere, small boats rowed down the river, that's a portrait of Fenghuang. At night the streets in Fenghuang's old town are full of street food vendors, serving grilled meats, dumplings, fried potatoes, flat breads and grilled vegetables.When all neon lamps turn on at night, it's very beautiful, peaceful and romantic. Being endowed with beautiful scenery, Ancient Town of Phoenix is also a famous historic and cultural city. 

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