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Xiangxi Dehang Village Xiangxi Dehang Village
Dehang is located in the west of Jishou City, Xiangxi and Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, the northwest of Hunan Province, and it is about 18 kilometers away from the downtown. Dehang is the subtropical monsoon climate, and has four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 16 ° C - 18 ° C.
Dehang means "the beautiful valley" in Miao language. Because of the steep mountains, towering cliffs, overlapping peaks, this place formed many precipices, stone walls, peak forest, waterfalls, and primeval forests. Here river crosses, the weather is spring all the year round, and has rich animal and plant resources. The natural scenery is very beautiful and charming. Miao people live in Dehang, and they speak Hmong, wear Miao clothing, sing as the media, and love freely. They get up to work at sunrise and retire at sunset. They rear silkworms, spin and weave; the hand-made textile is fine.
Folk customs of Dehang scenic area is ancient and simple. Folk tourism projects have being a guest in Miao family, bar the door and singing in antiphonal style, toast, Miao dance party, Miao drum dance, see guests off with lights and other 30 tourism projects.The main scenic spots are: Yuquan Door, Three Sisters Peak, Guanyin cave and Camel Peak.

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