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Yangjiajie is situated in the northwest of Zhangjiajie, covering an area of about 34 sq km. Yangjiajie is an area that is comprised of peaks, cliffs, waterfalls, streams, gullies and other natural landscapes. There are 110 scenic spots in total that can be viewed in the area. (8.4 thousand acres). Known only since 1991, the area is endowed with all the natural wonders found in the other areas but has more unique characteristics. It includes three main scenic spots: One step to the Heaven, Hawk Beak Peak. The area is also abundant in plants and animals, such as white cranes, macaques, ancient trees and rare flowers.

In this reserve you will find clear waters with spectacular mountains. It has unique peaks and cliffs as well as clear streams and brooks and waterfalls. One of the most amazing sites is the terraced fields that can be seen on the mountains. This area is also home to the world's first bridge. The bridge is located on two 300 meter high peaks with a natural stone linking the two peaks.

Yangjiajie Scenic Area is one of the must-see attractions in Zhangjiajie. At present, it is a sacred scene that enjoyed the same fames of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxi Valley and Tianzi Mountain.

Main spots
● One Step to Heaven:“who can say heaven posseses the best scenery? Natural scenery of this area is even more fancinating.” Between Yangjiajie and Tianzi Shan, lies a wide canyon. A multitude of strangely shaped sandstone peaks form a veritable sea. When the gentle breezes blow, we can even taste the taste the flavor of the majestic mountains. Within this sea of peaks, six massive columns stand in a line, rising about 200 meters high from the base of the canyon. The two in the middle are a little higher than their comrades, and when the sun bathes the landscape after a rain, occasionally a brilliant rainbow will span the sky connecting the peaks like a celestial bridge. Such a “heavenly bridge” doesn’t appear often, but the six peaks can always be viewed, so this spot is called“One Step to Heaven”.

●  Hawk Beak Peak: The peak midway along the hill looks very much like a huge hawk with its glaring eyes, and its beak is especially vivid. A poor family moved into the mountain and lived nearby the peaks for a short period. Some day, the family bought several little chickens from the market. As the owner released the chickens out of the cage, the little creatures ran back in a hurry. The owner turned them out again, but the same thing happened, and he was totally bewildered. Later ,he finally discovered: it was the Hawk Beak Peak that scared his little chickens
● Baihou Valley
Baihougu Valley is  home to large flocks of macaque monkeys and egrets,cranes and numerous smaller birds as well as ground animals. There are many ancient trees in Baihou Valley, as well as rare flowers that blossom in season.

●Be careful when you are hiking the Yangjiajie for the road is narrow and slippery.
●Bring enough food for your lunch because there is no restaurant on the top of mountain.


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