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Guides on Zhangjiajie Scenic Accommodation
Stay in Wulingyuan scenic spot
In order to protect environment, many Medium-sized hotels have been pulled down and moved out in Wulingyuan scenic spot. As a result, only few happy farmhouses are left. However, the scenic spot tickets are only valid within three days,therefore, the happy farmhouse in this area is of great help to those who only want to spend three days in visiting.
Advantages:  It is very convenient for you to have a detailed tour in this area. It will not only save you a lot of money but also save your much time in coming in and out of the spot.
Disadvantages: The condition in the happy farmhouse is not as good as that of the outside hotel. In addition, rooms are very tight in the Golden Week. You'd better book a room ahead of time.
Suit for: Tourists with a plenty of time and plan to have a detailed tour in Wulingyuan scenic spot.
Kindly Reminder: Hotels in Wulingyuan Scenic area are mainly scattered in Yang Jiajie and Yuanjiajie The house price is generally 100--200yuan/per night.

Stay in Suoxiyu
Advantages: Suoxiyu is located in the center of the Tianzishan, Huanglong Cave, and Baofeng lake. Therefore it is very convenient to go to different scenic spots. And you have lots of choices on hotels here, for there are various grades of hotels which are all available for you, especially the Pullman Hotel which has a good environment and reasonable price. It only takes you 10 minutes to reach the entrance of Wulingyuan .
Disadvantages: there are 40 km away from here to the train station and the airport.
Suit for: tourists who have lots of time and desire to visit Suoxiyu, Emperor Mountain, Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng lake .

Guides on Zhangjiajie Scenic Accommodation
Stay in the forest park entrance
Advantages: Easy to visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park;
Disadvantages: it takes 40 minutes from here to the train station and the airport. Because of the location , it will bring you much inconvenience to visit other beautiful spots in Zhangjiajie .
Suit for: Tourists with limited time and only plan to visit Huangshi Zhai or Golden Whip .There are also many four-star hotels and ordinary hotels for you to choose ,such as Pipa Xi Hotel, Hunan Electric International Hotel (formerly Hunan Electric Villa), the Beijing XiFeng Villa, etc. The price for the individual tourists is 200-800 yuan.
Stay in Tianzishan Observation tower
Advantages: Tianzishan Observation tower which lies in Ding Xiangrong village gathered in a large number of Peasant inn, such as Milan inn, Pig Hostel, Love of freedom and tribal Inn. The price of these inns is from dozens of yuan to one hundred yuan. These hotels are not only close to the main scenic spots but also easy to take the environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition, Observation tower is the only visual spot for you to enjoy the sunrise.
Disadvantages: Far from the railway station, bus station
Suit for: Tourists with a abundant of time and desire to enjoy the sunrise and scenery in Yang Jiajie and Yuanjiajie..

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