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On November 24, 1934, ren Bishi, led by he long red 24 or 64 Legion liberation Dayong town. On November 26, according to the Party Central Committee, as shown in the Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee, provincial military district was established here, on December 1, the provincial revolutionary committees was born here. By Comrade ren Bishi of the Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Provincial Party Secretary, he long, and Guan Xiangying, Max Pawnee, Xia Xi, Zhang Zihe’s Italian comrades as members. Chaired by the provincial military district by Comrade he long. Comrade ren Bishi as Commissar. Province Revolutionary Committee chaired by Comrade Xia Xi. Provincial party Committee set up under the Department of political affairs, Department for elimination of counterrevolutionaries, functional food, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of children, respectively, to handle daily affairs. This red revolutionary base, since 1933, the winter solstice in Spring 1936, revolutionary activities up to 31 cities and counties. Province Revolutionary Committee led the majority of people playing local tyrant, fields, and launched violent attacks to reactionaries, Kuomintang warlords and local armed and feudal forces with a heavy blow for China’s revolution and Liberation have made great contributions to the cause.

Museum of the Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou revolutionary base area located in Jiefang road, Yongding District in Zhangjiajie city, located in the downtown area of a courtyard-style old building, is the site of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Soviet Republic, revolutionary Memorial Hall are located. The Museum is divided into the East quadrangle, a total of one of the main building, flat three, covers an area of 2,800 square meters, including building area of 1600 square meters. Museum consists of three exhibition halls, respectively were on display 223 large pictures, and more than 100 pieces of precious cultural relics. 

Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Soviet Memorial display, and exhibits the rich, both images and text descriptions, and rare historical materials, and Central leader of the inscription, is the revolutionary traditions and spiritual education education and important position. 

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