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The Characteristic of Zhangjiajie Foods  The Characteristic of Zhangjiajie Foods

The strong liquor and spicy flavor, the catering services in Zhangjiajie cover various tastes of the world.

Generally speaking, the Zhangjiajie catering services belongs to the Hunan cuisine series of eight main dishes departments of China. Compares with the traditional Hunan cuisine, the Zhangjiajie's dining possesses more peasant family cured foods, such as smoking, charcoal fire heating and so on. At the aspect of vegetable, it is primarily the edible wild herbs, with a unique style! It is the elongate and replenish of Hunan cuisine!

The consistent and remarkable characteristic of West Hunan is to eat and drink bold and unconstrained. The common people here are hospitable.

Tujia national minority drinks of Zhangjiajie possess thick national characteristic as well as the essence of Hunan cuisine. To be spicy, is the feature of Hunan cuisine, also the earth home cooking. Besides spicy, the Tujia nationality people also specially cherish the cured, acid, and salt system vegetable food which tasted uniquely. It is suggested worth to taste these foods.

Dining in Zhangjiajie scenic area is extremely expensive, selling price of each meat dish is more than 30 Yuan, each game as food is more than 80 Yuan, such as wild boar, bamboo partridge, fir fungus, wild treeear and so on, and each vegetable dish is more than 15 Yuan. It is very cheap while eating in downtown areas, the street always flows with Sidewalk snack booths in the evening, and here four persons can have a good meal merely spending 50 Yuan.

The characteristic vegetables of Zhangjiajie are preserved hog face, "group new year's dish", pig blood bean curd, Hezha, flesh of acid fish, loaches in bean curd, the black-boned chicken soup with elevated gastrodia, and so on; The flavor snacks are Shefan meal, pig blood porridge, Sangzhi salt dried beancurd, the kiwi fruit juice and so on.

The Characteristic of Zhangjiajie Foods  The Characteristic of Zhangjiajie Foods

The Tujia nationality people liked eating spicily since old times, the hot pepper could whet the appetite, be good for the spleen as well as to aid digestion. It is eatable to anybody, no matter children or old men, man or woman. The conventional but most excitingly dining methods are like this: Fries hot pepper, fries hot pepper in oil, dryly fries hot pepper, acid hot pepper, soy sauce hot pepper, and so on. The common three meals a day may want other vegetable, but cannot want hot pepper. Perhaps for this reason, the Tujia nationality people always work burningly, clean and agile. Besides the spicy, the Tujia nationality people also like eating cured, acid, and salt system vegetable food. The making method of cured foods vegetable is very simple: firstly, prepares spice powders such as salt, hot pepper, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, and so on; then evenly paints the powder on fresh animal's meat after mixed evenly; and puts it into a basin preserved for 3 or 5 days; finally hangs it and roasts ceaselessly by wet fuel, until its color changed to yellow, and a light fragrance can be smelt. The preserved food like this usually can be deposited for about one or one and half year.

Persons lived in Zhangjiajie used to smoke cured meat for next year. They used to kill the new year's pig at every end of the year, and cut the pork into pieces which are one and half kg to two and half kg; preserve for three to five days after painted salt and all kinds of spices; then hang it by using bamboo strip or rattan to the fiery pit to dry it slowly by fire with smoke after salt and spices soaked in the meat. Well-cured meat usually can be preserved for half year. if toasted by using orange peel, the cured meat will present red color in oil, with lightness and without any ash, its color looks better. The cured meat must be cleaned, boiled thoroughly before preparation for food, then cuts it into pieces (or directly cuts into pieces and puts into pot for turns frying), adds seasoning to turn fries, then it will bring you unique fragrance and many great memories! Now in city areas, from hotels with star class to little restaurants in alley, the chafing dish of cured meat has become an indispensable delicacy. Actually, it is the cured pig liver but not the cured meat I love most, Zizi… the saliva is about to flow out.

There are many other special foods made by preserving ways, such as cured mutton, cured beef, cured pooch meat, cured pig's feet, cured sausage, cured pig liver, cured bean curd, cured blood bean curd and so on. Generally, you can eat them after stewing or directly eating.

Friends, welcome to Zhangjiajie and taste the typical cate at here.

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