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Shopping in Zhangjiajie Shopping in Zhangjiajie Shopping in Zhangjiajie Shopping in Zhangjiajie
The specialties in zhangjiajie include "gegenfen", "juegenfen","yaner", which are the three precious things in here,and the "duzhong"Tea, which is famous for its unique taste. In addition to, the wild-grown kiwi fruit is very delicious, so is the salty and dried tofu of "Sangzhi" county, which was also the tribute of Qing dynasty. Meanwhile, you can buy some spice food with Tujia flavor.If you would like to buy some souvenirs,you can purchase some things like stones caved like tortoises, pictures and brocade of Tujia. All of these you can buy in the specialty shops and blocks, but you should pay attention to the quality and bargain bravely with the shopkeeper for a reasonable price.  

Now I would like to give some tips to you. First, pick the one a little bigger than eggs when you want to buy some kiwi fruits, because the big one is ofter brought up by people, it will not taste naturally. And the price for the kiwi fruits is one yuan per gram. But if you want to bring some to your family and friends, you should choose the raw, for it is not easy to rot. Second, do not buy the so-called "antique, "bizarre stones", and "rare herbs" except that you are a expert in this area, because you may be cheated. Third, the local residents who live in the mountain will persuade you to buy the polygonum multiflorum,a rare herd, you should be careful about this, and do not buy it,for it is just a deceiving behaviour.

To make you buy the specialty with good quality and reasonable price ,we recommend some shopping spots to you. The big two are the "Guanghe" shopping Centre and the "Many" supermarket, which are equipped with various kinds of goods. In addition to, there are two commercial walking streets. The one is the walking street in the people's square which lies in the nearby of Puguang temple, and it is a large walking street with many tourism goods. The other is the Tianzi street,which lies in the Wuling Road of Wuling District, and it is known for selling specialties.


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