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Located on the west northern part of Wulingyuan, Emperor Mountain covers 9000 Hectares. Compared with Zhangjiajie and Suoxiyu, it is the higher. There are 2000 peaks, waterfalls and springs. It is famous for cloud, peak forest, snow and sunrise. With rare plant and animal everywhere, it is a paradise of plant and animal. The main sights are General Rock, Tianchi Lake, Quyuan Rock, Emperor Brush Pens peaks, Helong Park and Shentang Gorge.
Tianzi Mountain Tanzi Mountain

The Name of Emperor Mountain
In Emperor Mountain, many place connect with emperor, such as Emperor Peak, Emperor Cave, Emperor Court, Emperor Ridge, Emperor Temple and Emperor Gorge. In fact, it named Green Rock Mountain as Zhangjiajie after green peaks. In 1353, Xiang Dakun, leader of Tujia group, took his followers to Green Rock Mountain. Helped with Liboru, Xiang Dakun made an uprising and established his state. Xiang Dakun named himself Emperor Xiang. In 1385, Emperor of Ming Dynasty, ordered Zhuzhen, king of Chu, with 10000 soldiers to strike Xiangdakun. After 40 days fighting, Xiang Dakun was defeated and dead in Shentang Gorge. Since then, local people named the place where he had lived and fight with emperor.

The Fairy Scattering flowers
Located on eastern part of Shijiayan, the peak looks like a pretty girl holding flowers in here hands. It is surprised that shape of the girl is clear.

Emperor Brush Pen Peaks
It is among key scenic spots of Western sea, Helong Park and Emperor Pavilion. Three peaks, which are point to sky and covered by firs, look like some brush pens upended. In local stories, they had been used by Emperor Xiang and were named Emperor Pen Peak. It is the typical peak of Wulingyuan.

Emperor Pavilion
The pavilion donated by government of Shenzhen City has 6 stories and 30 meters high. On Emperor Pavilion, we can get a bird eye's view of Wulingyuan.

Helong Park
Helong Park built for commemorating Marshal Helong, who had fight here. With some sightseeing platform, it is the best beautiful place in Emperor Mountain. 

Shentang Gorge
With the height of 400 meters, Shentang Gorge is a round canyon. In the gorge, there is a deep pond, covered by heavy cloud. In the rain, sound of fighting in war field was heard. In local stories, Emperor Xiang had dead in this gorge. It is a mysterious place in Wulingyuan. It is surprised that sound of fighting in the war be heard when closing to gorge.

General Rock
On road of Yellow Dragon Spring, General Rock is one of famous sights in Emperor Mountain. On the top of hundreds meters peak, the rock, which is 20 meters high, looks like a general. According to local stories, the rock is model of Emperor Xiang.
Tianzi Mountain Tianzi Mountain

Located on western part of Emperor Mountain, Laowuchang is the main sightseeing platform. In Laowuchang, Mandarin Duck Waterfall, Fields in the sky, God Soldiers Congregating and the Difficult One Steep.

Mandarin Duck Waterfall
Located on the western south part of Laowuchang, it consists of two waterfalls from two mountains. Two waterfalls merge together like the lovers. It is the best waterfall in Wulingyuan for most visitors.

Daguan Platform
On the platform, also called Grand Sightseeing Platform, we can see thousands green peaks. It is one of best sightseeing platform for watching sunrise.

Fairy Bridge
Fairy Bridge, which is 26 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters thick, is made of red sandstone. Like rainbow, the bridge connects two peaks. There is hundreds meters cliff under bridge. With cloud around, it is unique sight in Emperor Mountain.

The difficult one step
Hundreds meters far from the Fairy Bridge, there is a crack between two large rocks. The crack is 1 meter wide and 100 meters deep. Brave tourists pass the crack and got a good platform, which are 2 meters wide and 20 meters long. Most tourists, however, stop their steps in front of the crack. So, the crack was named Difficult One Step.

Fields in the Sky
Located on the western part of Laowuchang, there is hectares field on top of mountain. That is fairyland.

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