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Drifting of Loushui River in Zhangjiajie Drifting of Loushui River in Zhangjiajie
Emanate from Hubei Province, Loushui River is a branch of Li River, one of four longest rivers in Hunan Province. The river passes Sangzhi County, which is hometown of Helong Marshal. Tujia people live along Lou River. Due to establishment of Jiangya Dam, Lou River Scenic Area appeared. With mountains as people' bone and water as people' blood, mountains and rivers in the scenic area integrated like bone and blood. It is famous for its quiet lake, deep valleys and grotesque mountains. In the scenic area, there are spring, cliff, green peaks and clean water everywhere.

Tourists spend two and half hours in drifting along 21 kilometers long gorge of Lou River. During in drifting, there are 30 sights, such as elephant Greet Guests, Flying Waterfall and Thousands Year Pig God. With beautiful scenery, it is paradise of tourists.

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