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Yao Zizhai:southeast of zhangjiajie national forest park

It is located at the southeast of Zhangjiajie national forest park, the top of Yaozi Village is a long and narrow ridge. Overlooking into the valley, there are many mountains peaks as a dense as trees in a forest. Yaozi village is famous for its dangerous precipices and cliffs,even the "Yaozi", can not fly beyond it, hence the name Yaozi Village.

Yaozi Village stands prominently alongside Yellow stone village and Yuanjiajie, these three lofty platform are situated in triangular fashion. because it appears as a huge "kindey", Yaozi Village was formly called "kindey village", and was closed for nearly a dozen years out of concern for environmental protection, but the reopened to welcome visitors once again on Spetember 26,2003.

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