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Characteristic Performances in Zhangjiajie  Characteristic Performances in Zhangjiajie
I. In city: Tianmen Fox Fairy

Introduction: Tianmen Fox Fairy is a new edition of The Woodcutter Liu Hai, a traditional huaguqi drama of Hunan province. The king of fox was choosing a female fox to be his imperial concubine and finally he chose the one thousand-year-old white fairy fox that yearned for mortal life and fell in love with the poor but happy woodcutter Liu Hai. They came across with each other at Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, and thus started the moving love affair. The resistance between devildom and mundane, the cruel dilemma between morality and love as well as the contradiction between fairy and secular world separate the lovers like numerous mountains. Sorrow, joy, smile and tear interweave into a winding but touching story. In the show, scenes of timber door of hanging house opens in the morning sunshine, the working men, the flirting women, the unsophisticated woodcutter, the beautiful laundry lady and the sounding Sangzhi folk song all depict vividly the daily life of people in the west of Hunan province, setting the audience personally on the scene. The whole performance is exquisite in characters and detail, which will definitely impress you with intimacy created by its narrative structure and integrity. 

II. At scenic spot
The Charming Xiangxi
Introduction: The charming Xiangxi is a large-scale variety show including fantastic performances such as dance of Maogusi, zajiu (a kind of home-brewed wine), drum dance of the Miao nationality, the wedding lament, and dead body driving, telling the mysterious legend and bringing you into a new, miraculous and strange world for the charm of the west of Hunan.
Characteristic Performances in Zhangjiajie  Characteristic Performances in Zhangjiajie
The Fairy Song of Tima

Introduction: In Tujia nationality, Tima is the person who takes charge of the annual ceremony of making sacrifice to god and the song he sings during the ceremony is called the fairy song of Tima. It is performed by several survival Tima masters, the forty-third successor of Guiguzi fascinating skills, Long Xian’e, the queen of Miao folk song who has held many concerts in the West, chorus of Dong folk song which has given report-back performance four times at Great Hall of the People and some folk artisans like Tujia spiderman. Combining night, moonlight and misty rain with advanced equipment, the live-action performance is enriched in three editions and is composed of four parts: God's death, God's rhythm, God's sorrow and God's heaven. The whole performance is powerful and impressive due to its profound cultural implication.

The Fantasy Zhangjiajie
Introduction: The Fantasy Zhangjiajie is a show which reflects the history and customs of the west of Hunan province through performances like the local revolutionary combat, the courtship and wedding lament of Tujia girls, dead body driving and some other shocking witchcraft. With the host and hostess mocking kindly at each other, the actresses sing and dance, giving the romantic passion in courtship and mixture of sadness and joy at wedding into full play. Look, a girl opens a window slowly and then blows the melody of gourd pipe. Accompanied by her melody, dancers change their modeling from time to time, among which the most striking is the one at the downmost who stands on the sharp glass with barefoot while carrying two people on his body. What an exclusive performance it is! Overwhelmed in singing and dancing, pairs of couples join hands and step into their love heaven.
Zhangjiajie in Misty Rain
Introduction: Applying modern approaches of sound, light and electric, and combining 3D stage videos with esthetic pictures of singing and dancing, the show conquers all the audiences at present by making them personally on the scene.
Anthem of Wulin at the Grand Theater of Zhangjiajie
Introduction: Anthem of Wulin offers you the most characteristic cultural feast of minority by merging the native culture of Wulin into the most original stage artistic design, resplendent lighting and brand new choreography. The soul-stirring wedding lament, mysterious dead body driving, gorgeous services from minority, melodious Sangzhi folk songs together with the fascinating skills of Guiguzi all lead you into the miraculous world of Anthem of Wulin. 

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