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Based in Zhangjiajie,we are local,we are professional and cheaper.

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Zhangjiajie Tour Club(The former name is Zhangjiajie Backpacking Club),founded by a group of travel lovers, is the frist international outdoor club in Zhangjiajie,China. We tailor-make leisure,hiking,backpacking and culture tours to all ages travelers.

The club, based on honesty, integrity and flexibility, is a great way to get introduced to hiking. Our motto is "discovering the  mystery on your own way ".
As a club member, you will benefit from the experience of the group. The group will teach you the best local areas to go and provide you with many tips, what’s more, all English guides in Zhangjiajie are the members of this club, so it also can provide the English-speaking guiding service.

Why Choose Us?
We believe that our high quality tours at low costs are unique in Zhangjiajie. you will find that we offer the best value for money. This is what makes our club special:
1. A professional team
We put ourselves into customers’shoes, we tailor-make and customize tours for our customers. We try our best to offer a perfect journey which you want.Our Club are experienced at helping guests build custom itineraries for the ideal Zhangjiajie experience. Whether a small private family tour or a large student group, we can bring our expertise to your trip's itinerary. We know the best places to visit and can recommend hotels if you want our suggestions. Our tripadvisors are there to help you before and during your tour.
2.Flexibility to change the itinerary or add an evening activity
Our motto is “Discovering The Zhangjiajie Mystery on your own way!” We live up to this motto by making the tour as flexible as possible so that the customer is not hemmed in by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible. Our guides will do their best to accommodate our customer's request to change a pre-arranged itinerary. We also want to allow maximum flexibility (within the terms & conditions of the tour) by letting the guides make arrangements for night activities and shows. This means that customers can decide on the day if they want to attend a show instead of weeks or months in advance. The guides are experts on what's good in their city, whether it is a show, a restaurant or local market for shopping.
3. Backpacking equipments service
We can give assistance to buy or rent backpacking equipments for backpackers if you think it is not convenient to carry them.
4.No Commission shopping
Most travel agencies in Zhangjiajie, whether they tell you up front or not, expect to make money from commission shopping. This usually takes at least 2 hours per day out of time you would otherwise spend seeing sights. Guides will pressure you to buy things and if you do not they will be annoyed, souring the atmosphere of your tour. Our tours never have commission shopping stops. Some guests choose to visit non-commission markets where they can bargain and find many treasures.
5.No hidden costs
Meals in good local restaurants include unlimited standard drinks and plenty of dishes selected according to your taste (we will order more if need be, vegetarian and other special diets no problem). There is free bottled water in your vehicle and no road tolls or parking fees will be asked. Tickets to all sights and activities on your itinerary are included.
6.Unbeatable value
In addition to the best services, we want to promise the unbeatable value. First, if you contact us you can get a low price. Besides we are specialists for Zhangjiajie travel and can provide accurate information. Second, compared with other travel agencies, we provide a variety of services and can gain the best value for your money in accommodations and dinner.
7.Our guide is your friend
Guides are selected and trained not only for their knowledge of the sights, but also for their language skills, personality and ability to be a kind host. Since we don't do commission shopping they can concentrate on you. They are experienced working with small or large groups, families, VIPs, students and the disabled.
8.Service recovery
We will resolve any complaint about our services and respond to any complaint about the service of our club within 2 business days. We strongly believe that we will never succeed unless our customers succeed. That's one of the reasons why we focus our efforts on providing you the services you need to make your travel satisfied.
We live in the region you are visiting - Zhangjiajie. We don't visit once a year with a clip board or research it on the internet. We read the local papers, watch the local TV, talk to our friends and colleagues around this region and know what is going on. If you have a special interest, we can advise on what's best to see, when its best to see it and the best way to get to it.
10.24 hours contacts for a worry free tour
When traveling with Zhangjiajie Tour Club, we will always be available for you, 24 hrs a day.

Our Commission:
We work hard to give our members an unforgettable tour in Zhangjiajie and let them discover the real beauty of nature and the charming of local culture.

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