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Go to Xiangxi Aizhai to see the marvelous bridge and road

Aizhai, about 20 km away from the Jishou city in Xiangxi, is in the heart of the Wuling Mountains. The marvelous wonders of Aizhai, which has shocked the whole world, include marvelous bridge, strange road, queer valley, odd waterfall and customs. Aizhai, Dehang and Dragon cave, whose total area are 108 square kilometers. The bridge has been described " the wonders of Road Bridge under the sunshine". With the super large suspension bridge crossing canyon opening to traffic on the March 31, 2012, Aizhai catches the attention of the world .

The Marvelous Bridge
The main span of 1176 meters of Aizhai huge suspension bridge, in the town over the short 355 meters across steep Dehang Grand Canyon, is the controlling engineering of Xiangyu expressway from Changsha to Chongqing, and also has view optical channel for visitors.
On a spring morning, the fog gradually disperses, if you look up into Aizhai bridge, it is as misty as the mysterious temple hidden in the cloud. Walking on the bridge, it will give you an unprecedentedly feeling. And you are like a bird flying in the sky, and side by side with the surrounding mountains. If you overlook the Dehang Grand Canyon, Aizhai Miao Zhen and mountain highway wonders from the sky, the world is very wide. With our heart in the canyon and bright yellow cole flowers circling in the air, we can enjoy endless joy.

The Marvelous Canyon :Dehang Grand Canyon
Dehang Grand Canyon is located in deep Wuling mountains where people of miao inhabit .Dehang, means beautiful canyon in Hmong language.Distinctively,Dehang Grand Canyon sets natural scenery and amorous feelings of Miao nationality as one.And it is honoured as the only national key scenic area to have achieved that in Hunan.
The grand canyon is located in the middle of Wuling grand canyon which is formed by the intersection of yunnan-guizhou plateau and the wuling mountains, typical of karst canyon. It includes YuQuanxi  canyon, HangXiaxi canyon, JiuLongxi canyon, DeHangchong canyon, DaLongdong canyon, XiaoLongdong canyon, and DongHexia canyon. The grand canyon is about 48 km long and 1.5 to 3.5 kilometers wide,with an altitude of 680 meters to 900 meters and vertical level 400 meters to 600 meters.

Towering valleys, overlapping peaks, crisscrossing river, and various waterfalls .In the spring,everything wakes up.Trees are becomng green and flowers blossom .women are washing clothes ,while their husbands are ploughing on the farmland.Birds are singing ,the cliff echoing their voice.Cattles’bells are ringing rethmly.Chikens and ducks are paddling in the river.Sheeps are eating grass happily on the hill.Everything goes in their own way leisurely. it can be high enough for outdoor paragliders to hover carefreely. Low enough for a mountain bike to shuttle through the forest cheerily. Everything here will get you immersed in the arrestingly beautiful scenery of the grand canyon.

The Marvelous mesa:The Mesa for Heckling The Thagyamin.
 The mesa stands out in YuQuan creek canyon isolated from other mountains,which can be described as extremely fine craftsmanship. As no cable car or Gyroidal Highway is available, you can only walk through a rugged ghat to the peak. Standing on the small mesa, you are surrounded by bottomless mountain valleys. Looking down , you’ll feel dizzy as if you were falling into the valley. Looking around, you’ll feel as you  magnificently stand out from the crowd. it is said that Quyuan heckled the thagyamin here two or three thousand years ago. At the end of the warring states period,Qu was framed by treacherous court official and Was exiled along Li river and Yuan river.Then came here and wrote the famous poem Heckling The Thagyamin enduring through the ages. The Mesa for Heckling The Thagyamin names after Qu’s poem. The famous singer song zuying was used to be here filming her MV Tune of Dragon Boat.Placing herself among the beautiful mountians and valley,she sang heartily to the sky.


The Marvelous Falls:Quicksand Fall----the one with the biggest vertical drop in China.
 There are seven marvelous falls in Aizhai ,that is ,Quicksand Fall ,YanZixia Waterfall Group,Hangxia Waterfall Group,and Jade Belt Fall, Silver Chains Fall,Big Dragon Cave Fall and Little Dragon Cave Fall fall .Each has their own attracting points. With the highest vertical drop of 216 meters among China’s waterfalls,Quicksand waterfall is listed as one of the most popular ten waterfalls of China in 2011. the water falls down swinging like the flow of gauze, one layer after another. If you walk through the waterfall,you’ll get wet all over. Looking up at the sun,it seems that glittering rain is falling upon you.YanZixia Waterfall Group is consisted of ten waterfalls whose vertical drops are about 200 meters.It is rather spectacle during rainy season when all waterfalls combine together to a 300 meter-wide bigger waterfall.On the cliff of HangXia waterfall group aligns seven round holes.Bfore the waterfalls walk out of the holes across the green cliff, white smoke emittes as soft cloud. Silver chains waterfall has three layors.They appear indistinctly, now out of the forest before your eyes,now hide in to the forest’s arms. They are nifty and lovely like kids.

 The unique folk-custom:centuries-old Ethnic customs of Miao.
Aizhai is a community where people of the Miao nationality settled. As their ancestors had been isolated by high mountains from the outside for thousands of years,they had developed their unique customs which remian till today. Under Aizhai brige Super-large suspension bridge lies a town,Aizhai.On the 2nd,7th,12th,17th,22nd,and 27th of every month of  the lunar calendar,people have a fair here. Multitudinous goods are sold here----mountain products, back basket,toys, tobacco pipe,ect.The prices are very reasonable. Almost all of them are dressed in the clothes of their nationality,carry a back-bascketand wear a bamboo hat or  headband. They stroll around. All of this may lead you to an illusion that you returned to hundreds of years ago. Go forward the canyon, you’ll arrive at Dehang Miao village which is known as "the world drum township". There are numerous colorful folk festival activities of Miao. At 10 everyday morning, marriage customs performance of Miao is to be performed for free. At 3 p.m., there is a free dress show of Miao.on the weekends,you can take part in the party for dancing and singing. 

 Some festivals are peculiar to people of Miao,such as Ganqiujie,New Year of Miao,Mrch third,and Zhuiniu. There are many others which are picular to Miao.
 At noon,before lunch,people of Miao  beat the drum,sing songs sand invite you to drink their tea.All this is done to show their Warm welcome to the guests.During the meal,continuous beautiful songs of Miao acompanies you till you finish your meal. The natural scenery fuses together with its unique folk-custom.this gives you a magnificent spectacle. You can never ralise it until you come here.


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